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Apprenticeship Subcommittee Meeting
Monday, June 13, 2016, Humber ITAL, North Campus, Governor's Board Room (B101)

OYAP Symposium, May 30 and May 31, 2016 - The link to the OYAP website which highlights messages for teens, employers, parents.

Your Choice: Your Future! - poster - PDF icon
- link to Ontario Student Transcript Manual
- link to Pathways to Apprenticeship
- link to Dual Credit Policy document - link to Level 1 Apprenticeship In-School Training Options (2016)

Ontario College of Trades regulatory and administration oversight will now transfer to Ministry of Labour - along with the link below: Statement on the transfer

Apprenticeship Toolkit Information Sheet - PDF icon - 2-page pdf that briefly describes the purpose of the Apprenticeship Toolkit and the contents

  • Community-Connected Experiential Learning - This is a link to the draft of the Ministry of Education "Community Connected Experiential Learning" document. It is very interesting reading and brings up many questions and possible opportunities for all partners.
  • As well, the link to the preface for the consultation process is included here: Education Consultations
  • The Ontario College of Trades - recently updated their website with resources for promotion, training and certification of apprenticeship programs. One new feature is their employment site. Watch the video to recognize the value of skilled trades in our lives.

Apprenticeship Pathway: Informed Choices Forum


OYAP Program Central Region Program Management Conference - April 2, 2015


Apprenticeship Toolkit
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