Dear RPT colleagues,

  We have been experiencing some challenges with the SCWI web site; they will be resolved shortly,but in the meantime, if you do visit the site, please note that the message on the home page which comes up saying :
SCWI 2012-15 Requirements
currently directs you to a document which is out of date; the correct document is attached above, where you should receive:

The SCWI RFP memo - This outlines the RFP requirements for 2013-2016 for Dual Credit Programs, explains the funding and accountability expectations, and highlights successful programs from 2011- 2012.

The Dual Credit Policy and Implementation Document October 2010 - The purpose of this document is to provide direction for the implementation of dual credit programs.

Reporting, Approval and Monitoring Process for 2012-2013 School Year - Requirements  for Regional Planning Teams, Activities and Forums. Dual Credit Programs and Program Proposals, Funding and Reporting, and Submission deadlines.

Interim funding benchmarks for Activity Projects/Dual Credit Programs - Interim Benchmarks for Activities and Forums

Level 1 Dual Credits Seat Purchase 2013-2014 - This form must be completed for each MCTU Field Office, including the DC Program Proposal #, the Trade #, Trade Name, # of students funded through TCU , # of student requests for seat purchase, Semester, and Total Funding committed.

Attestation of Training Facility for College Oversight (OYAP) 2013-2014 - This form must be completed for Level 1 Apprenticeship in-school training at a particpating High School facility taught by a qualified teacher.


Attached, you will find these documents in both official languages. Each can be downloaded as needed. The same documents are posted to the SCWI site, and will be available shortly from that area and henceforward. Please treat this as an interim solution until we have ironed out the current issues on SCWI. For the sake of clarity, all other aspects of the SCWI/IJECT site are fully functional. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.